“My days” is the 21st.


Hello, everyone.
Today, I’m gonna talk about “Cost of living” to you.

well, let’s enjoy studying English diary!

I was AICHI prefecture in Japan I came here ago.
And I think about the price for items.

Mostly merchandises are expensive than Honshu of Japan.
Plainly, price is highly about 20-50 Japanese yen.

For example, the Cola.
This price is about 160 yen in Honshu of Japan if buy from vending machine.
But in the case of this place “Yoron island”,
it’ll cost about 180 yen.

This has decent reason.
Yoron island is the remote island as the name suggests.
So it costs many transportations fee than Honshu.
That’s to say, this highly price is no wonder!

The remote island has common sense on every other island.
This doesn’t relate with Honshu.
So If you come by tripe or migration,
I want you to know this common sense.