“My days” is the 20th day


I’m gonna talking about “My today” to you.

Let’s enjoy studying English diary!

Honestly speaking,
I don’t have topic that I wanna tell.
Because, I’ve been working on today all the time.
So especially nothing to happen my emotion is exiting.

My work at now,
I harvest “sugar cane”.
From AM8:00 at morning to PM17:00,
I work all day!

Resently, Yoron island’s temperature is rising until 23℃
Japan “Honshu” is cold,
and often snow.
So, this place is worming.

While working,
I’m care about to be heatstroke.
So I frequently drink some water while working.
if I forget this,
my brain will be boiled.

So please care about heatstroke!