“My days” is the 16th day


Hello, everyone!
Today, I’m gonna talk about “My own work” to you.

Well, let’s enjoy studying English diary!

I’ve been thinking about my work.
In other words, to make work by myself.
That’s the self-employed.

This thinking is my theme and one of dream I wanna come true.
And I feel like understanding a little on today.
But this doesn’t make shape yet,
so I need to more think it.

But the fact I could feel this work,
I’m very happy!
So, I wanna make shape it!

If this work come true,
I don’t just stay this island, and I can move wherever!
All Japan will be my workplace!

So, no matter what I wanna make shape this project!
This work is my future!
I’ll come true this one of dream!