“My days” is the 15th day


Hallo, everyone!
Today, I’m gonna talk about “My resolution of English study” to you.

Well, let’s enjoy studying English diary!

I have the resolution for my English’ learn.
Because I wanna go ahead English’s ability.
So I declear at this moment!

“I’ll be to can listen English pronounce!”

Honestly, I can’t listen English to at all.
So, I wanna be able to listen.
I’ve been thinking about it,
but I was frustrated practice of listening at every time.
So, I wanna be able to listen English.

To say nothing of this,
I know I’m not well to write and reading English.
But those abilities will be important through practice.
Nevertheless, the listening needs to get used to listen English.
This is difficult than practice.

I know this practice isn’t enough to get used to listening within one year.
But I wanna challenge this!

So, I’ll hard study to get used to listening to English.
I already know what I can do in order to my dream!