“My days” is the 12th day


Hello, everyone!
Today, I’m gonna talk about “My thinking” to you.

Well, let’s enjoy studying English diary!

Maybe…no, surely I think I gotta change my thinking at once.
And I gotta remember why I came here.

I told everyone about that answer.
It’s to reborn or remake my lifetime.
But I absolutely don’t gotta forget another thinking.

That’s why “I’m me and You’re you”.

I can remember when I was hometown.
I always got angry with others in my workplace.
Maybe I got angry about how to work or act.
But I think that’s to force my thinking and feeling.
So, if they came off from my force things,
I always got angry everyone.

But I decide to migrate ago,
I realized important thinking a little.

“I’m me, You’re you”.

If I could know this thinking,
I may not get angry with others even if they deviated from my thinking.
Because all my thinking or feeling is mine,
and others thinking is theirs.

I wanna cherish this thinking while living on this island at least.
Of course, even if I migrate wherever.