“My days” is the 11th day


Hello, everyone!
Today, I’m gonna talk about “My happy” to you.

Well, let’s enjoy studying English diary!

When I was hometown “AICHI prefecture”,
my around was full thanks to stimulation by big city.
So, I was satisfaction even if I don’t seriously think.

But I’m different in this place than when I was hometown.
Recently, I often think at night especially.

“Can I feel happy when I do what?”

When did I buy?
When did I eat anything delicious?
When did I watch moves or TV shows?

Maybe those don’t the true answer.
Surely, I wanna come true some images I hope or wish.
So, I wonder to can feel happy
when I can make shape some images into a result by myself.

That’s “The work”.
Think and act, make shape by myself.
It’s my best happy moment!

Gradually I gotta act toward to come true dream.
My next year will be busy!