“My days” is the 10th day


Today, I’m gonna talk about “The prepared” to you.
maybe this is important by me.

Well, let’s enjoy studying English diary!

Honestly speaking, I came here because I wanna reborn my life.
So, I thrown away hometown.
About it, especially I don’t care.
Because the reborn is important than stay in hometown by me.

So, I came this island “Yoron island” I have a consciousness.
That’s “The prepared”.
Reborn or remake are difficult and hard for everyone.
This situation doesn’t exception, of course for me.
So, the prepared is important, really!

I had the prepared, so I was here.
I had the prepared, so Icould migrate another place I don’t know.
I had the prepared, so I took a step toward future, I hope.

This example doesn’t exclusively to only this time’s story.
The prepared is important for various situation.

So, I’m not gonna forget about this time.
When I’ll face with various scene, I surely remember this feeling.

Do have the prepared!

If I can keep remembering this feeling,
I strongly believe I’ll be able to live wherever and whenever!