“My days” is the 9th day


Hello, everyone!
Today, I’m gonna talk about this island.

Well, let’s enjoy studying English diary!

I’m staying on this island “Yoron island”.
I’ve been talking about this over and over.
But maybe I didn’t talk about here in detail.
So, I think I’ll talk this island.

This island “Yoron island” belongs KAGOSHIMA prefecture in Japan.
But I think mostly Japanese misunderstands about adless.
In fact, this island belongs KAGOSHIMA,
but mostly Japanese thinks this island belongs OKINAWA prefecture.
You can understand why they are misunderstanding.

Because this island’s scenery is mostly like OKINAWA.

Here’s specialty is sugar cane or brown sugar,
and here has a hot atmosphere like OKINAWA.
So, it can’t be helped they are misunderstanding.

But I think I’m okay even if mostly Japanese is misunderstanding.
Because this island’ night sky is beautiful that’s why there are
full of stars on sky.
And sea is beautiful, too.
It is said that here’s sea is “Emerald Green”.
I don’t mind even if this island belongs wherever.

Because this island certainly has excellent nature.

So, if you are okay,
by all means, please check this scenery with your eyes!