“My days” is the 8th day


Today, I’m gonna talk about “Little MOTOKI” to you.
This topic doesn’t mean the fantasy.

Well, let’s enjoy studying English diary!

My true name is “MOTOKI”.
And I have the little man “little MOTOKI”!
This means that I have the consciousness.
Or determination or prepared and so on.
Anyway, this “Little MOTOKI” is in my heart or brain.

He suddenly appears.
Especially when I’m getting lost or was depressed.
He always whispers to me like this word.

“Hey, is this right?”

But he’s voice always is small, so I often can’t listen exactly.
And even if I exactly can listen it,
I mostly pretend like can’t listen he’s voice somehow.
And・・・I regretted at many scenes.

Honestly speaking, I already know the identity of his voice.
That’s “The personality”.
He always has been giving “my real intention” to me.
Don’t get lost about my real hope.
Don’t get lost about my real feeling.
Don’t get lost about my real personality・・・.

If you can listen the voice “Little you”,
Surely you had better follow, sometimes.
“Little you” are “Real you”.
So “Little MOTOKI” is “Real me”.

I’m properly gonna face with this voice form now.
Because I don’t wanna get lost my life.