“My days” is the 7th day


Hello, everyone!
I’m gonna talk about “The important things if you live this island”.

Well, let’s enjoy studying English diary!

If you wanna migrate to this place “Yoron island”,
you should have “The hobby”!
Because this island has much time while staying at here.
In other words, it’s “Free time”.

Surely, this island has many sightseeing places,
but this island is small more than you think.
So, you’ll get bored or won’t be able to visit places you interested.

That’s why you should better have many hobbies!

Hobby is good!
Because this can spend much free time,
and may connect to only your special work!

There aren’t many kinds of work.
In short, not various kinds of work.
So, maybe it’s important to find or make only your work!

That’s why you should better have many hobbies!

By the way, I’m searching or thinking “only own work”.
If you have the opportunity to visit or migrate to this island,
by all means, please find only your work by using your hobby!