“My days” is 6th day


Hallo, everyone!
At today, I’m gonna talk about “The work I wanna do” to you.

Well, let’s enjoy studying English diary!

I have a dream.
That’s “The work to use English”!
Or the work to related with English.

I was here “Yoron island” at now.
But I’m not gonna stay all the time.
Sorry to this place, but my migration at this time is the rehearsal.
In other word, the practice for when I emigrate to abroad.
・・・I’m thinking, for now・・・.

But the fact I wanna stay abroad.
Especially, I wanna stay USA or Spain!
In fact, I have been studying Spanish a little.

For now, I don’t have some special skills.
But I can speak Japanese, so I very think I wanna use this only point.
If I was “The Japanese teacher”, I’ll be able to stay abroad while I practical use this my skill.

Yes, this is a good idea!
So, I’ll be ” The Japanese teacher”!
Okay, I decided to be “The Japanese teacher”!

By all means, please watch over thie when I come true this dream!