“My days” is the 5th day


Why did I come here “Yoron island”?
At today, I’m gonna talk about this.

Well, let’s enjoy studying English’s diary!

Honestly speaking, I came here to reborn me life or future.
So I wanna be good my lifetime than I was AICHI prefecture.

I don’t have good memories about hometown.
If I remember my past, I can quickly remember about many bad memories.
Maybe, I think I took many good experiences.
But I often have thought to wanna be change this current life days.
So, I came here!

I thought if I wanna change my life, I gotta change my living place.
And I choose this place because Yoron island recruited a migrate person.

In the first place, Yoron island called “The soul island”.
If this is true, I may be able to reborn my “The soul”.

So, I’m expecting to come true this.
I wanna reborn llifetime and future.
・・・I wanna remake my life・・・.