“My days” is the fourth day


Hello, everyone!
I’m gonna talk about myself to you.
By all means, I’m happy if you have interested with me!

Well, let’s enjoy studying English’ diary!

I name “旅んちゅん”, but my true name is “MOTOKI”.

I was AICHI prefecture until came here “Yoron island”.
And I was employee the department store.
But one day, I thought I wanna go out from my hometown.
So, I came here.

By the way, I have dream.
That’s to watch live “the Broadway Musical” by own eyes and ears.
The trigger is that watched “The high school musical”!
In order to this dream, I have been studying English.
Honestly speaking, I already know my English ability isn’t good.
And I’m not good to listen English.
So, I need to hard study to listen English.
To come true this dream, I keep doing “English diary”.

Someday, to watch live “the Broadway Musical”!!!
Thank you!