“My days” is the third day.


Yoron island’ whether is rain on today.
So, I’m gonna tell my today’s schedule for you.

Well, let’s enjoy studying English diary!

On now, I’m working physical labor “Harvest”.
But unfortunately, this place’s whether is rain on all day.
So, current work was closed.

Honestly speaking, I thought this situation is lucky!
Because I wanna console to my body.
So, today was lucky!
That’s result, I have been studying English and I went to town for pastimes.
I took many pictures and moves, and I’m making Youtube’s videos.
If you are okay, by all means please watch my videos!

But tomorrow will sunny, so I’ll work this physical labor.
However, I don’t wanna misunderstanding to you.
Especially I don’t dislike this work and I wanna move rather.
Because I haven’t sweated form came here all the time.
So, I’m happy I can sweat!

But if possibility, maybe I wanna rest・・・。

Well, let’s hard work tomorrow!!!