〝 My days 〟is the second day


Hallo, everyone!
I’m gonna enjoy studying for English’ diary.

Today’s theme is・・・・・【Harvest Machine】!

I came here “Yoron island”.
And my migration already passed for about over one month.
So, I’m working like Yoron island’ work.

That’s “Harvest”!

This work means that we harvest “Sugar cane” by use machine called “Harvest”.
Mostly, this work done for about four months while from December to March.

At first, after Harvest Machine mowed, person with a sickle mow rest sugar cane.
This work is hard and will use to make the most of power.
But this island’s people always have done this work.
Honestly speak, this fact is amazing, because I already known this work is hard.

If you came here, I’ll recommend this work “Harvest”!
By all means, please enjoy this physical labor.