“My days” is the first day!


This diary is studying’s record in order to me.

So, I decided to write this.
Because I need anything hobby.

I swear to keep writing at moment even if I’m not good to English.

Well, let’s enjoy studying English’s diary!

This diary will be written about this place “Yoron island’s days”.

And these days are own days.
So, I’ll write about days incidents on this island.
And I decided to name for this diary.
That’s name is “My days”!

Anyway, from now I wanna introduce to you!

I’m an emigration person.
I came here from AICHI prefecture for one month ago.
Because I didn’t have experience to away from my hometown.
So, I came here!
Honestly speaking, this action is adventure for me.
I have no idea what’s happen from now.
But I wanna living this place “Yoron island” so I did action for me.
This means that I wanna reborn my lifetime or consciousness and so on.
I think I’m sorry to repeat to say for you, but I wanna say over and over!
I came here to “reborn”!